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How to Count Rhythms

The best way to learn rhythms is to perform them while counting the beat. When there are four beats in a measure, we will count the words “one - two - three - four” for every measure. Counting aloud helps us to feel where the beat is at all times, and it helps us to play each note at the proper moment. The examples below show a measure of quarter notes in the time signatures we have learned. The beat numbers are printed below each staff. Always count every beat!

Counting the beat in 2/4 time

Counting the beat in 3/4 time

Counting the beat in 4/4 time



Counting the Beat Ensures Accuracy

In every lesson of The Fundamentals of Rhythm, there are several patterns that have the beats written in the music. These examples will help you figure out how to perform the rhythms. It’s good practice to write the beats under some of the other patterns to help you learn the rhythms, too. When writing the beats underneath the patterns, remember that the first thing in a measure is always beat one!

To ensure that you are performing the rhythms accurately, listen to, and play along with the recordings, as performed by RhythmBot.

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Use MetronomeBot for a fun online metronome!

MetronomeBot, the talking online metronome

The online metronome that counts the beat, subdivides, and offers encouraging practice tips.

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