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Practice Suggestions for Learning How to Play Double Dotted Notes

Read the Introduction to double dotted notes to make sure that you understand how long each note should be played.

Subdividing the beat is essential to playing these note values correctly. If you haven’t already done so, practice the eighth note patterns in Lesson 4, and the sixteenth note patterns in Lesson 8 and Lesson 9. You must be able to play those patterns correctly before attempting the double dotted note patterns in this lesson.

Before beginning a pattern, always check the time signature to establish what note value equals one beat. Remember that lengths of all note values are relative to the time signature.

Begin practicing each pattern with a quadruple subdividing metronome to ensure that you play the double dotted notes the correct length.

For more practice tips and suggestions, visit the Practice page.

IntroductionLesson 17 Introduction - learn about double dotted notes

Practice Pattern Table of Contents Lesson 17 Practice Patterns Table of Contents

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